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The function of listening to the stereo, listening to the sound.(人气: 633) 
Release time:2018-05-29

The function of the main audio is to play the sound to the listeners, give the audience enough sound pressure, and provide the audience with the real, clear, full and undistorted voice.

The main speaker should have the characteristics of high power, wide band and high sound pressure level. In order to effectively control the radiation of sound waves, high frequency loudspeakers are selected with a horn type loudspeaker with strong directivity, and some medium loudspeakers used for outdoor sound expansion are also used as a trumpet type. There are two main types of main loudspeaker systems: one is a full band sound box for a small sound amplifying system, consisting of a horn soprano and a medium and low bass paper basin speaker, and a loudspeaker system consisting of a high school and low multi unit loudspeaker. The other is a sound amplifying system composed of audio boxes made by each frequency band. It uses electronic frequency division network, amplifies each frequency band alone, and also combines the sound box with the medium and low sound loudspeakers and the independent hyper bass box.

The return audio system is mainly used by actors or band members to monitor the sound effects of their singing and playing. As most of the actors and band members perform on the stage, and the main speaker is on both sides of the stage, it is hard to hear the performance on the stage, and it is difficult to find the actors and players if they do not return the speakers. Can not match the whole performance, seriously affecting the performance of the performance.

Monitor audio is usually installed in the audio control room and recording room, which is used for the speaker to monitor the real effect of the program. The performance requirement of the loudspeaker is very high. It should have small distortion, wide frequency response, flat characteristic curve, no modification to the sound signal and can truly reflect the performance characteristics of the program. Listening sound is the standard of the tune of the mixer. It can monitor the various channels and effects on the mixer, adjust the input level of each channel, distribute the sound pressure between the channels, and trim the money between the channels, so as to achieve the perfection and performance of the sound effect of the whole program. Success.