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Notes on the selection and purchase of audio conference system(人气: 414) 
Release time:2018-05-29

Audio conference system to select and purchase attention, audio conference system optional personal speech or multi - person rotation of speech, the microphone fully open and so on, so that the opinions of the participants are fully communicated.

There are several points we need to consider when buying audio conferencing systems:

1, considering the reduction rate, sound quality and transmission distance of the original sound, we need to consider whether the digital system should be selected.

2, considering the beauty and fashion of the system and the new technology and new concept, we need to consider whether the wireless conference system should be adopted.

3, considering the control management and transmission among different devices, we need to consider whether centralized control system is adopted.

4, according to the grade and location of the conference room, we also need to consider the brand and overall cost of the system.

5, according to the requirements, we need to consider whether we should add video control and display system to the system.

The audio conference system is also equipped with wireless transmission mode: infrared transmitter, infrared radiator and infrared receiver.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements of traditional meetings, the conference room should also have exquisite decoration and excellent sound quality, clear image demonstration, and conference system engineering that can implement the functions of voting, voting and tele videoconferencing.