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How to use the public broadcasting system at the station(人气: 538) 
Release time:2018-05-30

In the station is how to use the public broadcasting system, maybe some people are familiar with strangers; the reason is that the station people travel, must need transportation station, so the traffic of the station in all parts of the country is very large. People will keep listening to all kinds of announcasts in the station. For busy places like bus stops, railway stations and subway stations, a lot of information needs to be repeated every day. But many people do not know what relevant conditions are played by the voice. Now let's look at this related system - the public address system. Only using public broadcasting can relieve the pressure of manual broadcasting.

In order to make passengers waiting in a comfortable environment, there must be good background music, public broadcasting, and good weather conditions for passengers in order to make passengers waiting in a comfortable environment, and the station is a passenger and cargo. In order to ensure the safety of passengers and the integrity of goods, we must provide fire fighting broadcasting system. The station public address system is a large-scale public address system developed for these situations.

Construction site conditions and requirements:

The function of station public address system is to realize the rapidity of automatic station information broadcasting at the station and the priority of fire broadcasting. A number of areas are divided according to the station's needs, which cover the various locations of these areas, including the station hall, the waiting room, the store, the underground parking lot and so on. In the central control room, the background music broadcast can be carried out in full accordance with the pre set content and area, and the operator can also be flexible and handmade to broadcast.

System design requirements:

1, the control function is complete, the operation is simple, flexible control of different program broadcasts, broadcast a variety of programs;

2, the system should have good compatibility, extensibility and automatic detection function.

3, the system should be connected with the fire fighting system. When the alarm occurs, it should also be broadcast as a fire emergency.

People who often go to the station know that the content of each broadcast is very accurate, especially the arrival time of the train and train, so there is no error, so it can be seen how important public broadcasting is.