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The team with excellent technology and construction ability is a national high-tech enterprise based on the ecological system solution under the big data cloud platform of the Internet. With high quality sound box, excellent technical ability and powerful construction team, it serves the partners of the vast engineering business, the channel merchants and so on.

The company regularly sends training personnel to provide relevant knowledge of speakers, marketing concepts and methods.

Certification of authority, quality identification

The company has always taken quality and quality as the core foundation for promoting the development of the enterprise. It has passed the authoritative ISO9001 international quality management system certification, CE certification, UL security certification and CCC certification.

ISO9001 international quality management system certification

With advanced foreign technology background and enterprise hardware, software, process service and advanced and strict product quality management, the company has taken the lead in the certification of the authoritative ISO9001 international quality management system.

CE certification certificate

CE certification is the certification of products that enter the European market, comply with laws related to health, health, safety, environmental protection and consumer protection.

CCC authentication

CCC certification, the national compulsory certification of China, is the national competent department, in order to protect the personal safety of consumers, protect the life and safety of animals and plants, protect the environment, protect the national security, and according to the relevant laws and regulations to meet the qualification of the national compulsory standards and technical rules.

UL security authentication

UL security certification is the authoritative certification of products entering the United States, Canada and other markets. It is a test for all kinds of materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc., to the extent of the harm and harm to life and property.

A series of certification obtained by the product is only the Third Party Accreditation of product quality qualification. However, continuous standardization and continuous improvement are the fundamental reasons for the sudden improvement of products.

Excellence, quality is the guarantee