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Protection application

The processor parameter values are set up scientifically and strictly according to the application of product reengineering. The setting of the parameters in the processor is based on the best match between products and the best results and scientific calculations. The specific protection application details are: the setting of the frequency divider, the gain setting, the equalizing setting, the setting of the voltage limit, and the sensitivity setting of the power amplifier.


Engineering design

The whole project is strictly controlled by the senior engineer. According to the customer's needs, the whole project is designed scientifically and rationalized. The project is carried out strictly according to the relevant national standards to achieve the desired goal. The design includes the audit of the sound building conditions; the solution to the customer, the best configuration of the sound system; the use of EASE software to simulate the sound field; the sound box array; the overall layout of the wiring system; the scheme description and the design and production of the tender.

Installation and debugging 

On the basis of the overall design scheme, a field construction team is set up to organize site Project Manager, material staff, field engineer, field quality administrator, Inspection Engineer and on-site safety officer to carefully digest the design scheme, fully understand the customer's technical requirements and special requirements, master the construction standards and standards, and clear the parties. Specific duties and detailed planning arrangements for construction details and construction progress. The construction personnel strictly follow the drawings and quality construction; the debugger adopts advanced test instruments and testing software, and debug with rich professional experience and concept to make the sound field achieve the best effect.

Software Downloads:

①:Effector software.rar